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Will your car insurance go up? Privacy and transparency in the auto industry

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

This week I read an eye-opening article in the NYT about privacy and transparency in the auto industry. Did you know that automakers are sharing detailed driving behavior data with insurance companies?! It turns out this might be leading to unexpected hikes in insurance rates for some drivers. Picture this: 65-year-old Kenn Dahl noticed his insurance cost skyrocket by 21%. When he dug deeper, he found out his driving data from LexisNexis was to blame. He requested a consumer disclosure report and boy, was he in for a surprise! Over 130 pages detailing every single time their Bolt had been driven in the past six months. From trip dates, times, and distances to speeding and sudden stops, it had it all!

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  • Resource: AI For Work: Prompt and resource library with custom GPTs and helpful resources.
  • Article: 8 Ways to Create AI-Proof Writing Prompts (Tech&Learning)
  • Podcast: How I Built This (Ep605): In this episode, Guy Raz talks with Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, the brilliant minds behind some of Apple's iconic products like the iPhone and iPad. After leaving Apple, they created a wearable pin that functions as an AI personal assistant. Listen Now: Apple + Spotify

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ken Shelton, a globally recognized speaker, educator, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in education and technology to discuss the inherent discrimination and bias in artificial intelligence systems. Tune in to hear more about Ken’s insights and experiences with AI, DEI, technology, and education.

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